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Vermont Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese Hello everyone!  I'm Elle from Elle's New England Kitchen.   My entry for Danny's Mac and Cheese cook-off is Vermont Mac and Cheese.  It may not seem gourmet, especially with my choice of cheeses, but it's so creamy and satisfying.  And most importantly, kids like it.  There's no extra stuff like special ham, mushrooms, bacon (though that would be great crumbled over this) or lobster, but I wasn't going to make a whole p

Ham, Cheese, and Steamed Egg Croissant

Having breakfast today at Atlas Cafe because I am too lazy to make it myself. Luckily, they make the most delicious breakfast croisant sandwich. They steam their eggs, which is kind of like scrambled, but they are super fluffy. White cheddar cheese and black forest ham on a super flaky buttery croisant. Add some tapatio (hot sauce), salt, and pepper,and it is an unstoppable combo. I'd make this myself, but the recipe I found for croisants in the Tartine Cookbook is 5 pages long and takes at least two days.
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