Who Says You Can't Be a Fatty at Home? French Fries!

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I wanted to be all Spanish with my meatballs, because in the past I have been all Italian with my preparation. Tired of tomatoes, because they have a tendency to overpower my mouth, I have adopted chicken broth, sherry, almonds, and begrudgingly some saffron. My roommate Andrew evoked his familial roots,and, in true Spanish fashion, fried up some french fries. I think I tossed some truffle salt onto these taters, but that is completely excessive. Flavorful and vibrant, these meatballs are a good departure from the 9-5. I am actually going to leave the meatballs out of this mess because they are more labor intensive, and focus on what we are all interested in.  How to get superb "In n Out" style french fries in your very own home/wok.   (If the meatballs look tasty to you -- BECAUSE THEY SURE ARE -- please check out this full recipe and post here). But on to the french fries... FRENCH FRIES All you need are potatoes, peanut oil (not olive oil), and salt. Heal peanut oil in a large deep thick wok or pan. You want 4 inches of oil on medium high heat. French fries are all about individual stove temperatures, but medium high seems good. Peel and cut potatoes into sticks. I like them at 3/4 cm. Whatever you like. If you have a lot of potatoes to do, place cut pieces in a bowl of water to keep them looking fresh and enticing. Use a potato to test out the heat of the oil. If you stick in an end and it doesn't sputter out lots of tiny bubbles, WAIT. It is important to note that the oil will cool down once the potatoes hit the pan. Frying vessels with thicker walls and larger heat capacities are best to maintain temperature equilibrium. Just be sure that when you put the potatoes down, you do not over-crowd the wok. French fries touching each other on all sides is over-crowding the pot. Don't do this. You will end up with soggy fries -- yuck. You should see lots of bubbles. Turn it up a bit if you don't. If the heat is too high, things will burn without cooking on the inside which is awkward. Be patient. Frying takes 10-15 minutes. even 20 minutes.  It is not-so-instant of gratification.  You want a constant stream of bubbles, but more in the outset is expectable. You won't know when they are done unless you try them. Luckily, we all have an idea of what fries taste like. For crunchier fries, fry for a bit longer at slightly higher temperatures.  But not too high!  Or you will burn the outside and raw on the inside! (Think gross sausages that end up all raw and red on the inside --- it's disgusting) Once they are golden and you eat them, crunchy and steaming, drain on paper towels and salt immediately. ENJOY!!!!!!!!