Savoy Style Omelette

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To start my morning off right, I decided to make a nice breakfast from my new Talisman Italian Cookbook. Saw a dish in there for "Savoy Style Omelette", but was partially dyslexic and thought it said "Savory Style" (yum). Heres the recipe: 2 tablespoons butter 2 small potatoes, diced fine 4 eggs 1/4 teaspon salt 1/8 teaspon pepper 1 tablesppon milk 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese Melt butter in frying pan, add potatoes and brown. Beat eggs lightly, add salt, pepper, milk and cheese and add to potatoes. Cook over moderate fire 12 minutes on each side and serve. Serves 4. Reading this now, I realize I totally forgot the Parmesan cheese. That would have made it even more delicious, but it was good without it. I used some leftover potatoes that I had pan fried with butter, salt, pepper, and rosemary the night before. I also definitely did not cook the eggs for 24 minutes as this describes. Around 10 was plenty. To complete my breakfast, I had a piece of sprouted wheat toast with this amazing cream cheese (from Rainbow grocery), an orange type thing (Satsuma mandarin maybe?), orange juice, black tea, and water. I never used to eat breakfast, but now I love it.