Road Trips

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Weekends and rainy days  were ideally made for this and I  take full advantage whenever and where ever. Oh yes, and then there is this economy thing going on but one still needs to live life and if one cannot experience what is out there then what are we to do?  Here are two one tank trips . My last blog featured the Maple Grove Inn located in Alburtis, Pa I hope that no one got lost! Each weekend we find respite in our drives whether near or far we always come across a great find. This blog finds us in a two  different places.    So we begin in Lancaster, Pa . as I came across this little gem one miserable, rainy Friday. YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE is the name of this 20 maybe 25 seat restaurant that features whole foods, all organic. I met a friend to discuss his family's business venture and it was at his suggestion .  No frills, just great, whole, raw foods made from the best ingredients as the Lancaster County Farmers market  is two  blocks up . The menu is varied and very simple, I had the Hummus with raw veggies ,  just seasoned to perfection  no garlic mouth on me! My host had a fabulous, rich broccoli cheese soup with  fresh pita right from the oven They are only open for breakfast and lunch and are worth the trip if you find yourself looking for great inexpensive  clean food.  They are located on Orange street  in the middle of the block in Lancaster. On a fall Saturday afternoon we decided to venture up into Bloomsburg, Pa . Foliage  at its peak  as we made our way up and around back roads, we even ventured into Canadensis, Pa . where the mine fires still burn underground to this day .They have a walkway now around the town,  most have evacuated due to the fires and sulfur that emanates the once thriving community. Bloom is a typical college town, and on this day  everyone was out on the streets enjoying the fabulous fall day .  We poked the shops and came across KRISTY'S  so we looked at each other and decided what the heck.  We cozied up to the bar and I struck up a conversation  with the bartender as I always do as they will never lead you wrong. KRISTY'S offers a long  and quite diversified list of beers from around the  world and has quite a following. Their menu is simple , burgers, fries, nachos, reubens.  We both had burgers , John had his with  New Zealand Blu  and mine was straight forward  Lettuce, Tomato and  onion . Both arrived   with a side of newly cut french fries lightly seasoned with old bay.  They do it right that is for sure and the pricing is even better . Locals favor KRISTY'S for the beer selections  and the  I hear the Bloody Marys are fierce!!! Simple food  who can ask for anything more? styleprdiva