Recipe for a Housetoasting

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img_1232 I only have a sec--this weekend got away from me, and I am already late for a workshop I have this morning--but I wanted to share with you a marvel of the modern world--the Peep. We had a "housetoasting" on Saturday (named after the three toasters we inherited, along with one pull out sofa and vitually nothing else when moving in to our new house). Having no furniture makes for a versatile party space--my air mattress pushed up against the wall became a kingly couch, a blue blanket covered unsightly parts of the sofabed, and tea lights everywhere--fire hazard kind of everywhere--set the mood). Shayla's boyfriend Ben and I went out and bought Vodka and a million mixers--Tonic, Strawberry lemonade, Tangerine soda--and we couldn't resist this: img_1231It's Belgian. Chew on that. It went off swimmingly, and we had cheesy toast, the best late night snack ever, with the last guests, and somehow during the course of the evening someone got at the Peeps, and miracles came forth. Recipe for adhesives? Now we know.