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My basic quesadilla recipe is as follows: - Get pan on medium-high heat - grab a tortilla, and butter one side - throw tortilla on pan, while you prep everything else - get your cheddar cheese grated - turn down heat to medium once pan warms up, flip tortilla after a minute or so (once pan is warm, successive tortillas need less time) - flip tortilla again once it is soft - cheese goes on one half of tortilla, and close it - make sure you have your next tortilla buttered - flip quesadilla as needed to melt cheese - La Victoria green taco sauce goes in the middle once its done - at this point its just repeating the above so that you always have quesadillas going Should be able to have the first one done maybe 4 minutes after starting, and plenty of successive ones coming soon after. For the lunch I made today at work, I got a bit fancy: - I made some tortillas last night - turned some of those tortillas into chips this morning - I was cooking these at work, so had to use a toaster oven to heat them (would have buttered and pan done them otherwise) - one tortilla, followed by pepper jack cheese on one side, Wisconsin cheddar on the other, top with another tortilla... made two of these - heat in toaster oven for 7 minutes or so - take out of toaster oven, put Tapatio in one quesadilla, La Vicatoria green taco sauce in the other. - cut each into 4 pieces - dust hot New Mexican chili powder over them, and some cilantro - wrap each in aluminum foil, back in toaster oven while I prepared guacamole - take out of toaster oven, and get to nice forested secluded area as quickly as possible - eat guacamole and chips, quesadillas, with a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and finish with a tangerine and chocolate truffle Who says you can't eat good at work?