On a five hour tour

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As you have noticed throughout my blogs we like to get up and get away, so here is a getaway for those who really need it and where the fishing is just outside the backdoor! Well almost~~~ Ok  a few yards!!!! Located in the hills of Lycoming County, Pa  nestled in a hollow is  the Cedar Run Inn, this is my spousal equivalent's cousin's so I came to find out back in 2001.   I had always heard a story  that John( my spousal equivalent)  fell asleep in a deer stand and his cousin got off the shot and tagged the deer . I at the time had not yet met his cousin as the story got  better with age like fine wine or a woman .  So one day after a brutal  three  month stretch of work and all that comes with life we headed up to  Lycoming County. Fall had just broken and we were in a wonderful Indian summer so some of the trees had not  yet turned while others dabbled with the idea. After a  five hour drive we arrived in Cedar Run Pa .  The Pine Creek which forged  the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania runs right next to the Inn.  We were met at the time by their  Black Lab who just wanted to fetch the ball  with the new people who had arrived for the weekend. I of course obliged happily as I had left our two dogs home with the doggie  sitter, my mom . The Inn dates back to 1891  and features fine informal dining  Friday and Saturday night and weekdays and Sunday depends on the season as they are booked during Trout and Hunting season.  It has 13 guest rooms, some with private baths and others with shared baths. Original antiques are found  throughout  the house  along  with the original tin ceiling which is just  amazing. Across the street is the General Store where you can find sundries and the best homemade ice cream one can ever imagine!!  Cedar Run is about 20 miles south of Wellsboro, Pa .where the Grand Canyon of Pa is so there is lots to do.  Slate Run is right down the road and there you can find the MANOR Inn and also a fishing tackle store as this is the best trout fishing you will ever have .  Pine Creek is a two blue ribbon wild freestone stream . So if you are in neeeeed of a getaway where reading a fabulous book ,watching the hummingbirds dart in and out of their feeders and sipping  a wonderful merlot is in order than this is your spot . Cedar Run Inn is  located at 281 Beulah Road in Cedar Run, Pa 17727 . Their phone number is 570-353-6241 and webiste is www.cedarruninn.com