Great finds along the windy roads of Pennsylvania

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It is a beautiful Saturday morning just begging us, saying, time to escape the dailiness of our crazy lives; so we did  just that .  This is not an uncommon occurrence  for us and one that we thoroughly enjoy, as we have come across an interesting mix of Americana along  backroads of  many states.  To be honest it is a running joke that we  have to drive to Canada  for birthday parties,  just for the weekend. So off we went to enjoy the day, each other and explore the vast  byways of Pennsylvania.  John, my spousal equivalent remembered that on a miserable  rainy night he had passed a little restaurant on a darkened back road on his way home from Delaware, now the trick was will he remember where he was and the name of the restaurant?  The challenge set,  lo and behold he did. Eric Wade's Maple Grove Inn, located in the buzzing metropolis of Auburtis, Pa  is  a trip to the past.  Remember baked potatoes in foil, the cut of  Prime Rib that fell off the plate, yes indeed we had found a slice of 200 year old heaven. Eric reared in New York City when at the age of eight, his parents made the move to Auburtis.  After getting  over the culture shock, he grew up to embrace the ruralness of his new  home.  Eric's parents had bought the Inn and ran it until they could no longer,  at that time Eric stepped in .  Small and very homey with a "no frills  attitude" but one that  welcomes  out of towners as they say. With 30 seats and a bar that sat another 12  it is quite small but big  on personality. Eric is behind the bar on most nights, not that he tends bar, it is there where he has an open grill and your fillet or strip steak is cooked to your desired doneness.   Oysters on the half, for the  price of a happy hour cocktail in Philadelphia, were 6  juicy  plump blue points on ice with  all the trimmings.  Shrimp Lejon, Surf and Turf, and Prime Rib,  the gamut of a 1980's menu . I was in shock totally, I had to read the menu twice as the prices were  just unbelievable and to be quite honest it was a menu that each of us grew up knowing. Eric and his family embrace  the business and it shows  to each and everyone who enters.  Whether you are a "regular" or not, they are just happy to have you!  What also is quite nice, and if you can remember how to get back to Auburtis, the Blue Orchid B&B is right around the corner if you need to stay the night.  Truth be told I am sure one of his patrons would allow to you to stay with them. The Maple Grove Inn  is located at 2165 State Street in Alburtis, Pa  no website,  no fax just great food!