Frijtz Fries

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By Heather Pennington

Restaurant Review – Frijtz Fries

Frijtz Fries, affectionately known as Frijtz, opened its Valencia Street location in July 2007. Previously only available to those living in or visiting Hayes Valley, Frijtz earned itself quite a reputation even with only one location. Now with two stores to choose from and twice the Belgian-inspired deliciousness being prepared every day, Frijtz’ popularity continues to grow. So don’t be alarmed if there’s nowhere to sit, especially at the Valencia location. You’ll probably be able to get a table after a short wait, if you come during the buzzing post-work hours. That said, I highly recommend the location on Valencia. The menu is more diverse, as are the clientele. Great people watching here.

So what is Belgian food? Perhaps we should start with Belgian drink. For those out of the brew-loop, the Belgians are known for their beer, mostly brewed blonde and crisp. Frijtz has a nice selection of Belgian suds to go with your food. There’s also a selection of wine and cocktails for those who prefer the latter.

Now on to the chewies. The most well-known Belgian specialty is Moules-Frites (pronounced mool freet): mussels cooked in a salty broth served with perfectly crispy golden fries. Frijtz serves up an exciting variety of mussels cooked in various sauces, with fries served separately. Fries come with an amazing selection of gourmet serving sauces. I recommend a large order of fries. This way, you may select two delectable dipping sauces. Personal favorites are: pesto mayonnaise, kalamata-caper ketchup, parmesan peppercorn ranch, chipotle remoulade, and white truffle-artichoke ketchup.

Belgian food bares many similarities to its French counterpart. Crepes, colorful salads, and omelets abound. All are excellently prepared with delicious fresh ingredients. But, the real treat at Frijtz is its namesake. It’s worth multiple visits simply to linger over a paper cone of hot fries, trying each and every dipping sauce until you know which are your favorites. And believe me, that’s not an easy verdict to reach. Prepare for addiction.


Monday - Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm

Friday, Saturday 11:00am-midnight

Sunday 11:00am-9:00pm


Hayes Valley: (415) 864-7654

Valencia St: (415) 863-8272