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On a five hour tour

As you have noticed throughout my blogs we like to get up and get away, so here is a getaway for those who really need it and where the fishing is just outside the backdoor! Well almost~~~ Ok  a few yards!!!! Located in the hills of Lycoming County, Pa  nestled in a hollow is  the Cedar Run Inn, this is my spousal equivalent's cousin's so I came to find out back in 2001.   I had always heard a story  that John( my spousal equivalent)  fell asleep in a deer stand and his cousin got off the shot and tagged the deer .

At the masthead

picture-231 It’s somewhat ironic that though I’ve cooked quite a bit since I last wrote, I have little to offer today. We were too busy eating and talking to document, which is something you can never be too sorry about. Plus, as usual, I learned that I wanted to tweak the Moroccan lentil soup a bit, change spices, add salt, smooth it out to make it velvety.

Road Trips

Weekends and rainy days  were ideally made for this and I  take full advantage whenever and where ever. Oh yes, and then there is this economy thing going on but one still needs to live life and if one cannot experience what is out there then what are we to do?  Here are two one tank trips . My last blog featured the Maple Grove Inn located in Alburtis, Pa I hope that no one got lost! Each weekend we find respite in our drives whether near or far we always come across a great find. This blog finds us in a two  different places.    So we begin in Lancaster, Pa .

Great finds along the windy roads of Pennsylvania

It is a beautiful Saturday morning just begging us, saying, time to escape the dailiness of our crazy lives; so we did  just that .  This is not an uncommon occurrence  for us and one that we thoroughly enjoy, as we have come across an interesting mix of Americana along  backroads of  many states.  To be honest it is a running joke that we  have to drive to Canada  for birthday parties,  just for the weekend. So off we went to enjoy the day, each other and explore the vast  byways of Pennsylvania.  John, my spousal equivalent remembered that on a miserable  rainy night he had passed a little
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