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It's been a while since I have blogged, but I am going to try to get back into it.  Gourmet Gastronomer started as a blog, but has now morphed into something else.  Gourmet Gastronomer is continually changing, but I am trying to make it into a resource for people who love food, and who want to learn how to enjoy it even more.

I have gotten tremendous help from quite a few Contributors, many of whom are still writing regular articles about food.  I am now just starting to get people who might help out with the actual technical development, and have some interest from people who can help out with editing.  In the process, I feel I have lost communication with many of the people involved, and have not been good about keeping everyone in the loop.  This blog is my attempt to reach back out, and get ideas and help shaping Gourmet Gastronomer into a useful resource.

My imediate plans are to clean up some of the navigation on the site so it is easier to find the accumulating information that is here.  I am also drafting a document that should give ideas for what else we could create here, which I hope people will add to.  And we are creating a centralized place to learn about many of the food resources on the web.  I also look forward to working with Contributors and users of the site to start creating content that people care about.

Feel free to leave comments here, or contact me at

Thanks to everyone who is helping out.