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Spicy Tom Kha

soup-entry Awhile ago during my 5 days on $30 adventure I accidentally created a spicy Tom Kha. It's a soup that I love, and decided to try to perfect for this competition. The most difficult part was coming up with how to execute and present it. I didn't want to give a traditional offering, but didn't want to go too far off the deep end either.

Stash's Mexican Mac and Cheese

Thank you for checking out my entry.  This hardest part to figure out was, how to flavor the dish.  I got dragged into doing a Mexican mac and cheese because I had chihuahua cheese leftover from nachos.  Plus, there is also always chorizo hanging out in the fridge. There is one special ingredient, that I don't have on hand, habanero peppers.  It can be difficult to find an excuse to use these because they are damn hot.  I can also say, from personal experience, they are the most dangerous pepper to get rubbed into your eye.
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