Bread ICU

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We got home to a frigid house and then remembered "We didn't bake the bread we left rising in the oven!!"  We took the bread out of the now cold oven to check its condition.  Things looked pretty grim.  The top was completely hardened and there were no signs of life.  Would it still be good? Would the yeast be dead? Would the bread be salvageable? We were almost ready to scrap the whole thing when Danny cracked the dauntingly lifeless top.  There was hope for it yet!  The dough underneath the hardened exterior was still slightly warm, spongey, and smelled of live yeast.  Neither of us knows a whole lot about bread but we reasoned that since the yeast still seemed alive it would probably be really hungry by now.  We decided the best course of action was to add some warm water and knead in some flour. "Eat, my bread, eat!" Danny encouraged the bread while we kneaded in the flour. The dough looked like it was in good shape after getting some sustenance from the warm water and flour, but would it rise? It's been about 40 minutes now in a nice warm climate and so far the bread has almost doubled in size!  Originally we were trying to do a quick once risen bread but it's turned into a proper twice risen bread adventure.  Now that we've let it rise a second time like it's supposed to, it'll either be the best bread ever or completely unpalatable.  Did the dormancy in the cold oven ruin our chances at bread success or did our bread intensive care save the day?  Check back to find out!