Gourmet Gastronomer Mac and Cheese Off

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After weeks of hard work, the first ever Gourmet Gastronomer Mac and Cheese Off has now officially started. This is the most diverse collection of Mac and Cheeses that I have ever seen. Low budget to gourmet, classic to new age, swiss, Velveeta, gouda, Mexican, Italian, Greek and more. I knew there were many ways to make Mac and Cheese, but I never thought I would get 9 entries that were so radically different from each other.

Please vote on the Mac and Cheese entry that you find most delicious. Look at the pictures, look at the ingredients, look at the stories, and try to figure out which one you would enjoy most. The winner of the contest will get the Grand Prize, which is a Cheese Making Kit from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company.

Make sure you check out the bios of all the contestants.

Mac and Cheese Off Results
mac-cheese gnocchi-with-three-cheese-sauce trufflemac-n-cheese Sam'sree Macaroni and Cheese
Rustic Italian Mac N’ Cheese by Artepicure Potato Gnocchi Mac and Cheese Champagne Truffle Mac and Cheese with Pancetta and Wild Mushrooms Sam’s Greek Macaroni and Cheese
Bacon and Swiss Mac and Cheese Vermont Mac and Cheese Stash’s Mexican Mac and Cheese Poor Man's Mac and Cheese
Mac ‘n Cheese Off - Aussie Style