Mac and Cheese Off

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Mac and Cheese. It is something that pretty much everyone loves, and yet there are so many ways to make it. Stove top or baked, traditional or innovative, cheddar or gouda, breadcrumbs or none? For the first ever Gourmet Gastronomer Mac and Cheese off, competitors will attempt to create the tastiest dish possible. To enter the contest, each competitor will submit a post of their best Mac and Cheese recipe. They should include a picture, and details of how the dish was made. They can talk about the history of their dish, or anything else they want relating to their Mac and Cheese. Everyone has different preferences for Mac and Cheese, so we will be voting on several criteria: 1. Picture - How does the dish look? How much time would it take you to finish eating it? 2. Ingredients - Does the combination seem appealing? Are the flavors the ones you want? 3. Technique - What is the consistency of the Mac and Cheese? Is everything put together to your liking? Voting will open to the general public on Tuesday, January 6th at 5:00pm and close on Friday January 9th at 5:00pm. If you would like to compete, please send me an email at and I will set you up an account. You can submit your entry at any time before the contest opens for voting, but make sure you get it in before the deadline. The winner will receive the Grand Prize (hint, it might help you make your next Mac and Cheese).